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For Blue Crabs and Dungeness Crabs

Blue Crab Dungeness Crab
Blue Crab Dungeness Crab

Crabbing is fun and rewarding, especially if you know where to crab and how to catch them. There is nothing better than bringing up a crab pot and finding it full of big, fresh crabs! This site will help you find the best places where to crab, whether you are looking for blue crabs on the east coast or dungeness crabs on the west coast.

So you want to know where to find the large, heavy crabs? Deciding where to crab really has to do with the area in which you live. A lot of crabbers have their hot spots but you can actually catch crabs anywhere they live by following some simple methods and discovering your own personal hot spots.

The best advice, for those crabbing by boat, is to go out and try a couple places. As with fishing, it takes time to find your hot spot and your hot spot can change from one day to the next. Be patient. When you find a spot to try, make sure you have a depth finder or you know how long your line needs to be before you throw a crab trap in the water.

Look for areas where the commercial crabbers have pots. If they have pots in the area, there is a good chance there are crabs under there. Just be sure to respect the areas where the commercial guys are crabbing and stay a good distance away from their traps so they have plenty of room to navigate. Remember, they do this for a living so be mindful to not get in their way.

It does not take a big boat to crab. If you are in the bay or a protected sound, a small boat will do just fine. If you crab in one of the areas listed in the "hot spots" sections of this site, you can pretty much drop some traps anywhere and catch crabs. You will find that early in the morning usually produces the best catch. Just be sure to check your local laws to see what time of day you are allowed to drop your first pot.

If you do not have a boat, public piers, jetties and beaches are great places to catch crabs. It's also a great activity for the kids! If you are crabbing from land, minimal equipement is needed. Just a few traps, some bait (raw chicken works great), a ruler (to make sure the crabs are of legal size) and a bucket. The "hot spots" sections of this site will also let you know where to crab from land. Keep in mind, you do not need to be an expert to catch crabs. Just get out there and try it. You will be amazed how fun and easy it really is!

To find out more information and where the crabs are biting, check out the other sections on this site. They will steer you in the direction of where to crab for your best chance of landing some nice crabs. Have fun and good luck crabbing!


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